Automated marketing KPI tracker. Lead generation script for LinkedIn

Targeted LinkedIn outreach
Targeted LinkedIn outreach

Our fellow marketers keep pitching in to help the community with some great tools. We can’t help but share them with you and let you decide if they’re useful and relevant for your business or not.

We have 2 such tools today, one which can help you automatically track your marketing KPIs and another to help you generate more leads using LinkedIn outreach.

Automated tool to track your Marketing KPIs

We got an interesting tool by Angélique Toque that helps you automatedly track your marketing KPIs performance.

You can use this to keep a track of your content marketing, SEO, SEM, email and more with an automated dashboard.

Here’s the link to the tool. Got any feedback or questions, you can reach out to Angélique here.

Targeted outreach template for LinkedIn

Elias Benjelloun shared the step-by-step process he uses to generate leads from Linkedin.

It’s a target outreach template with instructional videos that generate 20-30 calls from his target audience every week.

Here’s what the document includes:

  • Finding target audiences
  • Messaging flow
  • Connecting with 100 target prospects
  • Sending follow-up messages prospects who connected
  • Engaging with targeted content

You can find the outreach document here.

Automated marketing KPI tracker. Lead generation script for LinkedIn

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