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Shopify Fulfilment Network

The Shopify Unite conference was held, a conference aimed towards uniting all of Shopify’s partners and developers under one roof.

A lot of new updates, features and announcements were made. Some are relevant to us, while others aren’t, so we’ve compiled a rundown of the news that marketers should find interesting.

Online Store design

  • Section-based editing: Shopify will introduce a section-based editing feature, making it easier to customize pages without a need to code.
  • Content portability: Content won’t be stored in themes anymore. This means that you can shift from one theme to another without losing your content.
  • Draft Pages: You’ll be able to make changes to your store, but keep the changes unpublished until you wish to send them live.
  • Subscription payments: Shopify is implementing a feature that will allow subscription-based businesses to integrate their subscription apps into the checkout experience. So, users won’t need to leave Shopify to complete the checkout.

Custom storefront tools

There are new features you can access through the Storefront API:

  • Selling in multiple currencies.
  • Product recommendations.
  • Access to metafields.
  • Shopify Scripts.

Selling in multiple languages

Shopify wants to provide merchants with a quick and complete multilingual experience. That’s why they’re introducing the following features:

  • Translation API enables read/write translations for buyer facing content, such as products, blog posts, pages, etc.
  • Online stores will now support different subdirectories in URLs to support multiple languages.
  • The new Language Settings page in the admin allows merchants to manage which languages (locales) are published on their store.

Selling in multiple currencies

In October 2018, Shopify launched the ability to sell in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments to Plus merchants. Now, they’re finally starting to roll this feature out globally.

Fulfilment API

Currently in beta, this new API allows app developers to give their users more control and visibility into order fulfilment. 

This API will allow multi-location order fulfilment, improved visibility into the fulfilment process for merchants, better communication between the app and merchant, and even the ability to decline a fulfilment request.

Delivery API

This new API will allow merchants to optimize their checkout experience by setting per product and per location shipping rules.

Shopify Fulfilment Network

The Shopify Fulfilment Network has been built up across the US and is designed to help those merchants that struggle with order fulfilment. It aims to improve the shipping experience for both merchants and buyers.

You can access the Shopify Fulfilment Network here.

These are just some of the announcements that we thought are most relevant to you guys and gals! However, if you want to have a look at everything that has been discussed at the conference, head here.

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