3 FB Ads scaling limitations & how to beat them

How to scale Facebook Ads
How to scale Facebook Ads

How to scale Facebook Ads

Struggling to scale your campaigns? Or maybe you’re just looking for some new tips and tricks to get those conversions rolling? This post shared by Raul Vintilamight help you improve your scaling strategies, so let’s take a look at it.

3 Main Limitations

According to Raul Vintila, scaling is all about overcoming limitations. You need to figure out the limitations you face when scaling, and then develop a way to overcome the hurdles in your path. The 3 biggest limitations that can hold you back are:

  • Angles.
  • Audiences.
  • Budget.

How can you flip these limitations and make them work for you instead of against you?

Scaling Angles

Different people react to different messages. Thus, having just one angle drastically limits the number of people that are touched by your message.

Raul says that by using just one angle you’re missing out on 60-80% of the potential audience. This means that, after some time running a campaign, your performance will tank as you exhaust the audience that connect with your angle.

If you think that your angles are limiting your scaling, try testing new ones rather than increasing your budget. A higher budget will just increase the ad fatigue in this scenario.

You should broaden your targeting only after adding new angles and squeezing your current audience.

Scaling Audiences

By adding new angles you’ll be able to squeeze 50-60% of your audience. Then you can increase the volume and target a larger audience, but remember this rule of thumb: Keep your daily reach between 1% and 5% of the audience you are targeting.

Why? There are 2 reasons:

  • If the daily reach is under 1%, it means your budget is too small for the audience.
  • If it’s higher than 5%, it means your audience it’s too narrow and you’re missing out on the chance of finding new people interested in your offer.

Avoid increasing the budget or you’ll burn your audience. Also, adding new angles doesn’t work in this case because you are over-optimizing.

Scaling the budget

This is about adjusting the budget so you keep the daily reach between that magic range of 1-5%.

This is the order you should follow when scaling: Scaling angles > Scaling audiences > Scaling the budget.

Want some more suggestions from Raul?

  • CBO works amazingly well for scaling. Just add extra ad sets in your CBO campaigns to scale your audiences.
  • Don’t kill loser ad sets too early. Do you remember the Breakdown Effect?
  • MB should only be used in 1 situation: When you think that your budget is too high for your potential audience and you want to cap the delivery.

That’s about all for scaling today. Have a look at the post to get more insights. But most importantly, execute what you learn!

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